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Straight news stories/hard news Stories that cover only the very important, factual information in an impartial and brief way are termed as hard/straight news stories. This kind of story usually follows the inverted pyramid principle, which organizes news items by descending order of significance or location in the story. The first two stories in the pyramid would be the news items that directly impact the reader’s life and the news that is related but less vital to his daily activities.

If you do not follow the pyramid at all, you will have to look for the information that will be directly affecting someone’s life. If the news item on a hard/straight story is related to something else, it becomes more important. For example, the weather, the local news, the political situation, the business, or anything else that affects the way a person lives his life. This way, the reader can easily focus on what he needs to know and read it in its complete form, which he can easily relate to.

Some hard/straight news stories include the events that affect the people of a country like the elections of an American president. These events usually come about because of some unexpected event like a natural disaster or a political dispute.

The news article should always be focused on its main topic. But this does not mean that the reader should stop reading it if he already knows the answer to a question in the article. He could continue reading the article, as long as he is still interested in the subject and is able to connect with it through the article.

When it comes to breaking news stories, the story is always divided into parts. Usually, the part of the story that is most significant is the headline. If the story is a hot one, you will see the headlines of the stories that follow. It may include a photo of a fire or a flood that caused major damage or death.

Breaking news stories are usually about an event that has taken place in real-time and affects lives. They are not necessarily true, but the effect is undeniable.

A story is classified as true or false only when it is the opinion of one or more people that agree with the story and cannot verify its truth. False stories are mostly in the form of rumors, hearsay, rumors, and speculation.

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If the news is written in a newspaper, radio, or TV, then it is available for online media. You can read online news with a simple click of your mouse. You may use the search function of your favorite search engine to find news articles.

If you want your news reader to follow the news in the most accurate and complete form possible, you need to provide him with the information that he needs and wants. in his fingertips.

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