SEO Ripoff and How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off

You want SEO services but who can you believe to provide quality services?

How do you avoid tearing?

We have seen everything with SEO and the truth is scary. There are great SEO companies throughout like an outbreak and many fly with night operation with little or without real-world SEO experience. There are also abundance of individual scammers who are inexperienced out there who do not have real-world SEO experience or knowledge in SEO but they have fooled many people and businesses that do not know better.

We have had a business coming to us, after being cheated by SEO experts, looking for help.

One example is a new client who hired us and contacted us on a 3-way phone call so we could listen to what the big SEO company offered. SEO companies promise to make my clients # 1 on a Google search organic and declare they have special relationships and secrets with Google. OK this sounds amazing but the fact is this is impossible and this SEO company tries to rip another company.

To make everything more interesting, I called SEO own company and talked to the same salesman with what I spoke early through a 3-way phone call and chose his brain to see where it went. These are called web masters tell me every SEO expert they use is responsible for managing SEO for more than 100 client websites because it is extraordinary!

I also asked them about Google Adwords which was something I also had extensive knowledge and experience. I want to know how much it costs to manage small & simple Google AdWords accountants and they told me that they charge per click instead of fixed rates to only manage online marketing campaigns. Instead I would consider outsourcing anything to them or someone else, I want to know. I know and believe in the old saying if you want something done right to do it yourself but it’s not easy in this situation for people without a background or understanding of how SEO and the internet works.

Ok it’s just another way they choose to charge for certain services and nothing wrong with it but when I ask how much it costs for each click and they say $ 50. I examined the specific key words involved and Google didn’t charge more than $ 5, yes five dollars, for the specific keywords we talked about.

Talk about gouging serious prices! And it’s really sad, many businesses fall for this type of fraud because they don’t know better or don’t know who will switch to good quality and advice.

Not only this SEO company promises things that are impossible to be guaranteed, they show that they are unable to give one attention to one detail needed to provide quality SEO services, and their prices for ugly jobs are far more than priced. Now I’m not saying good SEO to be cheap, because good SEO is very time consuming and requires a lot of hard work, dedication, knowledge and, the most important, real SEO experience.

So how do you find a good SEO consultant?

It is a difficult question answered because good SEO consultants are usually very busy for their clients and know directly that good SEO requires serious attention in detail, and managing SEO for 100 websites is a bad idea for only one SEO consultant.

Lift the phone and call him.

The first thing you have to ask is to meet with SEO consultants directly – face to face for consultation. If they don’t want to meet you directly then stop and keep looking.

What if SEO consultants are not near you, namely other countries?

Now things are different and meet them directly don’t really make sense, but it’s okay.

You can have a telephone consultation and ask important questions.

Not every SEO consultant will meet you for free, and maybe there is a good reason for this. They are very talented individuals and their time is very valuable and most do not want to deal with tire kickers – you know, potential clients who ask endless questions seek free advice, so don’t ever spend change.

After you get out of the way, ask to see several websites that SEO consultants are responsible. Ask for seeing natural search – organic that raises the website. If the SEO teacher can show this to you and show their talents then you are on the right track for SEO’s success.

Another question to ask is how much is it? And what will they do for X dollar number? If SEO consultants tell you that they have a special connection with Google or they have thousands of websites that can drive traffic to your website then walk away now!

Other things to verify what you can do yourself.

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How long have they been in this business?

Do they have professional references?

Do they have their telephone numbers on their own website? Or do they just communicate via email?

Most importantly, are they in the United States?

Never been in any circumstances to rent a SEO consultant who did not live in the United States for a clear reason. Lack of communication skills, lack of legal law to protect you as consumers, lack of quality support. There is nothing worse than transferred to India when you need help quickly.

On rent trying to use common sense when doubtful and understanding good SEO is not cheap.

The old catch phrase that I live is not good and well not cheap.

This does not mean only because SEO consultants are not cheap.

Now before you sign a contract or approve an agreement, find and pay a good business lawyer to review the contract to make sure you really understand what the contract is stated and ask for a business lawyer to clarify anything you might not understand. Spend several hundred dollars to have a review of business lawyers and edit contracts if necessary can save thousands of dollars and prevent you from signing a bad contract.

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